Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Certification and Recognition

Today, individuals, businesses, organizations, industries, and governments are increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of their actions.  Global climate change in particular is a major concern to many, and the main human contribution to climate change is fossil fuel combustion.  Fossil fuel combustion is also a major source of emissions that are bad for human health.  Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, and the air pollutants that are harmful to human health are emitted from vehicles we drive, planes we fly, natural gas furnaces and other appliances we use, power plants that burn coal or other fuels to generate electricity we use, and the production and transportation of products we buy. 

Organizational and corporate stakeholders respond to these concerns by undertaking emissions footprinting projects, which enable them to understand the environmental impacts on climate change and air quality of an entire organization, a building, an event, or any particular aspect of its operations (e.g. shipping, or one of its products).


In Short, Cleaner and Greener®:

  • Provides a practical, effective way to take environmental action
  • Communicates your environmental achievements to the public
  • Provides a positive environmental stance that may aid employee recruitment and retention
  • Rewards and encourages energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Leads to a cleaner, greener, healthier environment


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